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The 8-8 Lions Gate Activations

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Listening to The Lions Gate Activations, you will...

Have a profound spiritual experience as you're guided into blissful states of Divine Light energies available under the 8-8 Lions Gate...

Connect directly with the the divine healing energies that lie dormant within you so you can realign your mind, body and spirit with their natural high-vibrational states.

Feel refreshed and recharged as you are guided through spiritual energy sessions that attune you to the cosmic power in the Lions Gate. You simply press play and relax while you're guided into the seat of the soul as your guides and angels take care of the rest...

Here's What Past Customers Are Saying...

"Thank you from my whole heart for these teachings. I think, I was waiting for this my whole life. You are an angel yourself; like your beautiful voice, music, everything." -Mijana.

"Beautiful experience and so relaxing. I am so happy and grateful to have come upon this. This will help me grow spiritually and be the highest self I am striving for... Much love and light to you. " -Kimberly A.

"Powerful relaxing and able to let go and connect. Amazing just like you Melanie, thank you" -Vassareti

"Melanie I feel great gratitude and love for your connection to and through all the Archangels opening up my heart to receive all the many learnings and blessings and growth to my higher spiritual self." -Winnifred N.

"For the first time, I feel like I understand the connections between Mind, Body and Higher self. Thank you for reintroducing me to my true self." -Hannah S.

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Simply press play and relax as you receive waves of Divine Light and healing energies flowing effortlessly where you need them most.

This life-changing 55 minute video session with Melanie will raise your vibration to peak states allowing you to connect with the pure Divine healing energies that are dormant within your open heart.

Experience a powerful trajectory shift as blockages and density dissolve as you attract the vibrant health and light you deserve.

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